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Maternity and You provides tailored care for you and your baby. 
A holistic approach combining traditional and complementary therapies to prepare, accompany, empower you in all the stages of your life. 
Midwifery with Baby Holding Parent

Holistic perinatal care including your antenatal classes to prepare you and your partner in a smooth and empowering way!

Pelvic Floor reabilitation Woman doing Yoga

For all women at any age! Pelvic floor rehabilitation is an approach aiming to improve the function of the structures of the pelvic diaphragm and prevent any potential complications.

With the myriad of physical, hormonal and emotional changes, osteopathy is extremely useful during and after your pregnancy to help your body adjust smoothly.

Otheopathy with Shoulder Treatment

TCM is more than 2000 years old! It will help you alleviate the discomforts you may experience before, during and after your pregnancy in a peaceful way.

Acupuncture treatment


An altered state of consciousness where you always remain in control to achieve your goals, manage your birth, manage discomforts, supporting you in your plans (smoking cessation).

hypnotherapy athmostphere Pink Sand

Wellness Packages

Because you might already be aware of these complementary therapies or you would prefer a more holistic approach to your care, your Wellness Packages are here to meet your needs for more Wellness !

Wellness packages with pink leaf

- Catherine, mum of George


Mother and Baby on the Beach

“Sarah made my experience so positive. I felt I was in safe hands all the time, that she listened to my worries and concerns.” 

We partner with your insurances

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