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Your mum and baby classes

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Well, we know that the pregnancy journey right from its planning stage, is an adventure with lots of new sensations as well as body, hormonal and emotional changes.

I am joining Dr Malak, Obstetrician specialised in assisted conception and pregnancy to give you keys to navigate peacefully through this important journey. Malak has a rich background: originally from Saudi Arabia, she completed her training in a University Hospital in France before returning home where she now practices in a private clinic in Jeddah. She supports women through their pregnancy project, throughout the pregnancy, the birth and up to 6 weeks after baby is born.

You can choose wether you prefer one to one sessions or group sessions.

We will be discussing the four following topics:

1. Planning your pregnancy & 1st Trimester

2. Your 2nd Trimester

3. Your 3rd Trimester and labour

4. Your first days with your bundle of joy

These sessions are interactive, you are welcome to participate actively, ask questions throughout. Your are also welcome to attend with you family member or husband/partner.

Our goal is to support you to help you get the best possible experience for you, your baby and your family!

To book, please contact Malak on +966 555667205 or myself on +44 7534147912

Looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you soon !

Dr Malak & Sarah

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