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  • How do I get in touch? How do I book my first appointment?
    Wether you have heard of Maternityandyou through a friend, family or referred by a healthcare professional, you can get in touch with Sarah via email or via WhatsApp on 07534147912. You will receive a message as soon as it is possible to organise your first free telephone appointment. This telephone appointment will help you navigate with the different approaches, ask any potential questions related to any therapies and your present goal / reason for support and book you into your in person appointment.
  • What to expect during my consultation with Maternityandyou?
    Your Maternityandyou consultation will include taking a full history, very similar to a first medical consultation. If you are pregnant or have just given birth, this will be similar to a booking appointment. Informed by a holistic vision of the body systems and interactions, paying attention to all aspects of your health, we will go in more depth in your history and motif de consultation. Following this, we will discuss together your personalized treatment plan which may include midwifery and/or osteopathy and/or acupuncture and/or hypnotherapy to reach your personal goals. The treatments may vary from one consultation to another depending on your response and preference. You will receive guidance throughout this process. The consultation will lasts approximately 60 mins and will include also a relaxation time to allow, time for yourself with yourself, connecting your body and mind together. You'll be able to ask any further questions in between the consultations during working hours.
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